Thursday, May 31, 2018

VIPKID: My Classroom Tour

Ready for an exciting classroom REVEAL?!?! 😱
Check out my video on the link below to see my classroom for VIPKID! 😍

In this video, I give you the ultimate classroom tour showing you EVERYTHING I use for my classes, where I store my materials, my organization tips and current lighting situation arrangement! I've had SO much fun creating my class and I really enjoy changing it up every once in a while, too. Hope you like it!

Feel free to share you class organization tips and classroom pics below or drop any questions you may have!

VIPKID: Classroom Essentials

Not sure what you REALLY need for your VIPKID class? Sure, there are sooo many videos out there about what puppets you can use, headphones, 2D props, reward systems... the list is never ending!

I decided to make a video to show you all the materials I REALISTICALLY use in my class. Of course, the superstar teacher in me wanted to go on Amazon and buy all kinds of new fun toys for my class when I got hired... BUT the reality of being a SAHM kicked in real quick! 💯

Therefore, I settled for the supplies I already had from my B&M classroom a few years ago, some last minute goodies from Walmart & Amazon and made the rest of my props & reward systems with the one & only MOMMA! 💖

Check out my video on the link below to see what I actually use in my classroom for VIPKID!

This video contains ideas on what materials (classroom essentials) you can use for your VIPKID class! PLEASE NOTE: I am personally very minimalistic. So, I tend to use and reuse the same props for many different lessons... I just change up the way I use them to always keep my classes fun and engaging! 🎉

Feel free to share your class essentials below or drop any questions you may have!

My Story

Hi! My name is Chantal and I am a mom, wife, educator and entrepreneur. We live in sunny Miami, FL. My daughter, Aria, is 2 years old and is my greatest pride and joy. My husband and I got married a few years ago and our favorite things to do are travel, cruise, play with our daughter and enjoy life!

I am a certified educator in PreKindergarten/Primary Education and Preschool Education with more than 15 years of experience in the early childhood and education field. My Master of Science in Education degree with a specialization in Curriculum Instruction and Technology was completed in Nova Southeastern University in 2014. I was privileged to have graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA. Additionally, my Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education degree was completed in Ashford University in 2012.

I am a proud teacher and was also the President/Executive Director of a personalized 1-on-1 in-home tutoring service provider. I continuously strive to educate others, design and implement curriculum, and provide students with opportunities to expand their knowledge and develop into successful citizens of our future.

Currently, I am loving life homeschooling my daughter while being able to pursue my passion, creativity and love for education and for my students. Thanks so much for stopping by and please let me know where you're from and a little bit about yourself in the comments below!

Happy Teaching! :)


In this page, I will be posting teacher resources, teaching tips, integrating tech in the classroom, class organization and SO MUCH MORE!!

Of course, my all-time favorite ideas will be featured, as well, like DI center ideas, designing your classroom library, teaching character education... the list goes on and on!

Happy teaching! :)


In this page, you'll find new info about traveling with infants and toddlers, SAHM tips/tricks, daily routines, REAL MOM LIFE and much more!


If you found this page, it probably means you either stumbled across my IG page @vipkidchanty, my YouTube channel, OR just wanted to stop by and check out more info about VIPKID. Either way, WELCOME!!

In this page, I'll be posting new info about video releases on my YouTube channel, updates to the hiring process, some really cool resources VIPKID is sharing with everyone and much more.

Stay tuned for the greatest & latest in the wonderful world of VIPKID!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

VIPKID: Hiring Process

Looking for a stay at home business opportunity but just not sure where to start? Have you heard of VIPKID and always thought it might not be for you or thought it was too good to be true?

I was in your same shoes not too long ago and after doing my research and watching a TON of YouTube videos, I realized that THIS was where I was meant to be. 💜

VIPKID has provided my family a secondary source of income, the flexibility in hours and location, sense of community and support system, and the opportunity to TEACH, again. I left the classroom setting almost 2 years ago to begin my new journey of being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) and raise my beautiful daughter.

When my best friend told me about this job opportunity, I thought "you can't really get paid that much working from home and they definitely have to tell you what hours to work, right?" Boy, was I happy to know I was WRONG! I told myself "Carpe Diem," decided I had to seize the moment and went online to apply. I did see some videos on YouTube prior to applying and was somewhat aware of the hiring process at the time but I didn't really know what it entailed.

Thanks to my best friend and the mentors at VIPKID, I was able to complete the application process in about 3 days and it's been such an amazing ride thus far! Check out my Hiring Process video on the link below to learn more!

This video contains information about what to expect throughout the hiring process, the steps involved and how I can help you feel more confident in your skills and expertise so you can crush your interviews! 👊

Feel free to share your hiring process experiences below or drop any questions you may have!


The driving question: how much do you really get paid with VIPKID?

I hear this ALL the time... "C'mon Chanty, do you really get paid? Is it a scam? You make HOW MUCH a month?"

1. Yes
2. No, and
3. A great paycheck for working only a couple of hours at home!!

Listen, guys. I work whenever I want. Point blank. Given that we are independent contractors, we work the hours and amount of hours we choose. Therefore, if I choose to work 2-3 hours a day in the morning/evening, I DO IT! Equally, if I choose to take whatever day off I want, I DO IT!

With that said, let me give you a glimpse of my schedule so that you get a better idea of how mine currently is. My daughter wakes up every day around 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM (I know... I'm super blessed! 💕) so I open slots from 6:30/7:00 AM - 9:30 AM. If she wakes up, she just lays on her bed without making a sound or crying. It's the best! When I'm done teaching, I simply go get her and we begin our day together. EASY PEASY!

Personally, I like to take Sundays off, although I have heard that if you work weekends (nights and/or mornings), your paycheck will greatly benefit from it.

Check out more info on how you get paid with VIPKID in the link below!

This video includes a breakdown of each section of your paycheck such as base pay, incentives, bonuses, raises and more.

Feel free to share your thoughts on how you get paid with VIPKID below or drop any questions you may have!

Monday, May 28, 2018

VIPKID: Welcome! {Intro to VIPKID}

So, what exactly is VIPKID? It's a company headquartered in China that was founded in 2013 and its mission is to connect students in China to teachers with English proficiency via an online classroom platform. You could teach virtually anywhere in the world with a wifi signal and a big smile!

My Introduction to VIPKID YouTube video has been posted! :) Check out the link below:

This is simply an introduction video that gives you basic information about the company, teaching requirements, getting bookings, pay, the hiring process and more.

Feel free to share your onboarding experiences with this amazing company below or drop any questions you may have!

VIPKID: My Intro Video

It's here, it's here... it really is here!

My first YouTube video has been officially posted! :) Check out the link below:

This video is simply an introduction video that all of the parents at VIPKID see when they are selecting a teacher for their child. It is recommended that your Intro Video is fun, engaging, and natural.

Hope you enjoy all my silly moments as much as I had fun making it!