2018 Best Classroom Themes & *Special Announcement*

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Welcome to this edition of "Classroom Themes!" 🎉🎉 In researching the latest trends in classroom themes and new ideas for the upcoming school year, I've split the themes into 2 categories:

  • Classic
  • Trendy
There are 3 themes in each category. Feel free to explore and comment below what theme you'll be using in your classroom next school year! 😍

Classic Themes
Great Outdoors
Also known as Camping, Woodlands, or Forest theme. Many teachers are opting for the cool theme with decorations including woodland animals, camping tents and s'more!
Ah, the beautiful display of color EVERYWHERE! Who doesn't love a bright neon, pastel or simply colorful classroom? It's incredibly visually appealing and the kiddos feel so welcome and invited in a fun class.
Under the Sea
Different variations of this theme could be Nautical, Ocean, Beach, Sailing, or Sea Animals. You can really get creative with this theme, so cruise on over to Pinterest for more inspo!

Trendy Themes

The highlights of this theme are chic pineapples, fun flamingos, tropical palm trees and gold accents. You may even opt to do a luau-themed classroom and add in some Hawaiian flair!
Hot Air Balloons/Travel
Soar into a class with hot air balloons or air planes on bulletin boards and centers around you. This theme is so versatile and can be changed to a travel theme by incorporating luggages, passports and different forms of transportation, too!
One of the trendiest this year is the watercolor theme. It's great because it can be combined with any theme you choose such as any of the ones listed above. They make signs pop out, add a colorful touch to the class and are relatively easy to make if you're a DIY super teacher! 💥
Now for the *Special Announcement*...
In the next post, I will be featuring ONE of these amazing classroom themes with ideas on:
  • Bulletin Board headings
  • Center names
  • Decor
  • Color Scheme
  • Class signs and more!
Stay tuned for this awesome reveal and make sure you participate by taking the poll on my IG stories this week @vipkidchanty! 😉👏

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