Let Our Little Ones Be Little

Monday, July 30, 2018
Having a child is perhaps one of the biggest life-changing events that can truly impact everything. This includes your living situation, family arrangement, finances and even social-emotional aspects such as your wellbeing, state of mind, perspectives, morals, values, etc.

The attitude you have when your son/daughter is born will surely affect their development, either in a positive or negative way. As many of you have experienced, when I had my daughter, I repeatedly heard the phrase, "Enjoy her while she's little!" along with other similar variations, ultimately leading me to really think about what they were saying.
"Enjoy her while she's little... Once they grow up, they'll never be the same... They grow up so fast... I miss the baby stage." I can't speak for everyone but in my personal experience of mommyhood, I feel like I have truly enjoyed every moment with my baby. I know being at home with her the entire time has surely helped me build a meaningful and loving relationship with her BUT so do other moms who work full-time jobs and go to school full-time or simply may not have the time to spend with their children at home 24/7.

Just because you may not be raising them at home full-time doesn't mean you can't enjoy them. Also, why do people feel the need to constantly tell you (in not-so polite terms) that your kid is going to be bad when they grow up? What is this concept of negativity that people have adopted? So, if your child was poorly behaved, you feel mine will be, too? I know how difficult parenting can be and that our children will have moments, sometimes days or months where they will be having a hard time but positivity and the right attitude can definitely help foster a happy child.

I also wanted to bring up an imperative point here, because the truth is I have many friends who struggle with infertility and/or have suffered miscarriages. It is an absolute blessing to have a child and I think it is very insensitive to always be complaining about your children when others, people who are closest to us, may not be able to have them and would do anything to have children and watch them GROW. 💝
With that said, I would like to leave you with this thought. I have enjoyed having my daughter as a newborn/infant, watching my daughter grow up into the tiny independent #bossbabe she is now as a toddler, and will always enjoy being with her and helping her have the happiest life, ever. Let the little ones be little and just enjoy the ride/adventure of mommyhood! 🍼

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