Project Based Learning: Easter Bunny Mission

Tuesday, March 26, 2019
One of my favorite holidays is coming up... Easter! 🐰I had SO much fun in the class with my kiddos this time of the year because we did lots of colorful, fun and exciting lessons AND it was so easy to set-up because I saved so much time and effort with this NO-PREP unit. I am so excited to share this Project Based Learning - Easter Bunny Mission resource with you and it's being brought to you right on time for this fun, egg-hunting day!

Money Saving Hacks & Budget Planner

Thursday, March 14, 2019
As a SAHM, I'm always discovering new ways to save money. Even if you are financially stable and your hubby is making good money, it always helps to save a bit of cash wherever you can. Overspending can put a strain on your marriage, pressure on the partner who works, and take a toll on your bank account. It can also keep you from taking that vacation you've been wanting, date night (even if it's once a month), or any other fun thing you can do as a family, or for yourself.

Nonetheless, I am here to help ease the load and help you save some 💵! In this post, you will find just a few of my favorite tips and tricks to help you spend your money wisely, let go of unnecessary things, and enjoy life. 😁
1. Toy Rotation
We can all get so caught up with buying new toys or have that Abuela that buys your child WAY too many things at the stores, right? This will help maintain a neat and organized play area and provide ONLY the toys they need at the moment. I usually put all of Aria's toys in a large clear plastic bin (so I can see what's inside) and put a few toys on display in her play area. I rotate the toys monthly so she does not lose interest in them and can play with "new" toys every so often. By rotating the toys, your child can find different ways to play with the same toys they've had year-round.
2. Dollar Store Learning
We are HUGE fans of any dollar store: Dollar Tree, Dollar General, even the Dollar Spot at Target! Most of our homeschool materials come from any of these dollar stores. You can reuse most of the materials and the craft supplies are very inexpensive. There is a plethora of activities that can be done so your child learns numerous educational concepts and skills throughout the entire year while spending very little money on materials.

Reading Comprehension: Vowel Teams

Wednesday, March 13, 2019
I am so excited to share this new resource with you, all! It is something Kindergarten ELA teachers need and it is so incredibly helpful when teaching reading to your students. It targets the main components of reading: phonemic awareness, comprehension, fluency, vocabulary and phonological awareness. This is the Reading Comprehension Passages: Vowel Teams unit.
This set will be part of a Reading Comprehension Phonemic Awareness GROWING BUNDLE that will be added soon and will be on sale on my TPT shop until all 8 of the units are added. This bundle will include:
  • Word Families
  • Vowel Teams (as shown here)
  • Silent/Magic E
  • R-Controlled Vowels
  • Consonant Buddies
  • Double Consonants
  • Digraphs and
  • Diphthongs
Ok, let's get started! This unit is comprised of a total of 15 reading comprehension passages focused on vowel teams. It includes 10 different vowel teams (as shown below) and 1 review assessment for each vowel (a, e, i, o, u). This packet can be used to teach word families and reading comprehension in:
  • Whole group
  • Small groups (centers, DI)
  • Independent work
It can also be used to reinforce concepts for homework. I recommend using this packet over a 5-week period when the students are learning to build their fluency with vowel sounds.
You can make learning to read fun and exciting without the hassle of prepping any activities. These engaging NO PREP - PRINT & GO activities contain ELA skills that are aligned with CCSS. This unit contains a plethora of fun-to-read passages that can be split into 5 weeks or tailored to your students' learning pace!
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