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Tuesday, July 2, 2019
Let me be real with you guys for a minute... when I saw the beginning poll results for the 2019 BEST Classroom Theme we did on IG, I knew we were onto something. Then, we I saw the numbers and by how many this theme was winning, I couldn't help but feel like I should be a part of this amazing trend! I was so inspired to create something that would provide the students with a calm and inviting environment to learn, play and grow. 💕
This set has already been added to the Tropical & Watercolor Classroom Decor BUNDLE and is on sale on my TPT shop! Click on the link above to check it out!

Ok, let's get with it! The back to school season is a super fun time in any classroom but it can be overwhelming to new teachers and even veteran teachers who dread all the prep work getting a classroom ready can bring. We can make this an easy process by giving you the tools, directions, and printables you need to decorate your class SUPER fast and with little to no prep! 👍 

Turn your classroom into a TROPICAL paradise! This classroom decor set features flamingos, pineapples, palm trees, toucans and more! With over 90 pages of colorful decor goodies, this set will brighten any class and create a calm and inviting environment for your kiddos.
What's included?
* Editing Your Resource
* Directions: Print the Calendar
* Photos in Action
* Welcome Poster
* Alphabet Posters
* Word Wall Labels
* Number Line
* Number Posters
* Table Signs {EDITABLE}
* Name Plates {EDITABLE}
* Classroom Jobs {EDITABLE}
* Behavior Chart
* Schedule Cards {EDITABLE}
* Classroom Rules {EDITABLE}
* Center Signs {EDITABLE}
* Supply Bin Labels {EDITABLE}
* Birthday Month Signs
* Dismissal Chart {EDITABLE}
* Classroom Calendar {EDITABLE}
The calendar can be sized to poster size and this unit includes step-by-step directions on how to do so. It also contains month headers, month cards, lots of holiday choices, and other cards you can place on your calendar for school/class events.

I hope this decor unit creates a load of fun in your classroom and that you AND your students thoroughly enjoy it! If you've already purchased this product, please drop a comment below on how you used it in your classroom! 💖
Questions about this unit? Please feel free to comment below or email me at
If you like this set, be sure to check out the Watercolor Classroom Decor unit, too! Stay tuned for more classroom decor units coming soon! 👏

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