Great Outdoors Classroom Theme Ideas!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Ask, and you shall receive!! 🎉
For all you camping lovers out there, here is some great inspiration and a list of ideas for your Great Outdoors classroom theme! 🏕 Other amazing themes that are related to the Great Outdoors are Camping, Woodlands, Forest, and s'more!

Bulletin Board Headings
  • S'more Great Work!
  • Ready for S'more Learning
  • Camping Out in ___ (Grade)
  • The S'more You Read, The S'more You Learn!
  • Getting Nutty With Books
  • Jugando en el bosque
  • Vamos a acampar con libros
  • Leémos en el campamento
  • El campamento de ____ (Grado/Nivel)
  • Aprendemos en el bosque

Center Names

  • Reading Trail
  • Woodsy Books
  • Math Hike
  • Computer Camp
  • Bosque de Español
  • Woodsy Words (Word Wall)

The decor can vary so much but the main components of this theme can include trees, mushrooms, camping tent, woodland animals, campfire, bugs, plants, logs and s'mores. You can also add number accents, headings and bulletin board borders that have any of these images next to them or as a background.

Color Scheme
Your color scheme can be anything you like but the main colors for this theme are brown, green, red, blue, yellow, orange and other earthy tones. If you teach the primary grades like I did, you could also incorporate the primary or pastel colors into your decorations to make it more inviting and welcoming for your students. 

Class Signs and Miscellaneous
  • S'more Manipulatives
  • Camp Out With Us!
  • Woodsy Projects
  • Reading/Learning at the Campfire
  • Table numbers can be mushrooms, logs, bugs, other animal cutouts, trees, campfires or waterfalls.
Here are some great pics from other teachers that have these themes in their classrooms!
Source: Anonymous
Source: Anonymous
Pinterest your heart out and have fun finding more inspo on your upcoming classroom theme!
Drop a comment below on what themes you would like for me to feature next! 🙌

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  1. This class theme rocks... It's so cute! :) Thanks for sharing all your amazing ideas!


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