Flight Entertainment Activities for Children

Monday, February 25, 2019
You know, writing mommyhood posts are some of my favorites because it gives me an opportunity to share all my ideas, mistakes and triumphs with YOU!

A family that travels together, stays together. Naturally, we are THAT family that travels pretty often. We travel for work and pleasure so there are many times throughout the year where we visit various places in the country and around the world. πŸ›©

In this post, I will share with you my TOP Flight Entertainment Activities for toddlers/young children. PLEASE keep in mind, these are some of our family's favorites because we've tried them several times in short and lengthy flights and they seem to work very well for the most part. Also, our daughter started flying as an infant so she has become used to playing with these items on airplane rides.

Crayola Mess-Free Color Wonder Coloring Books
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These coloring books right here are the BEST!! We have purchased several ones already, not only for flying but cruising, as well. Aria's favorites include Moana, Despicable Me, Puppy Dog Pals and Disney Princesses. There are so many to choose from and the variety is great for boys and girls. They include the markers that do not stain or write on anything except the coloring book. Place them in a sandwich Ziploc bag and you're good to go!

iPad/Tablet with headphones
An iPad or tablet with their favorite movie or a few shows is ALWAYS a plus! They may not want to watch this the entire time but they will surely visit this entertainment tool several times throughout the flight. Download the movies or shows via Netflix or your streaming service BEFORE your trip so they can watch it on demand. Also, these headphones are AMAZING!! They are noise-cancelling, lightweight and can fit most children of any age.

Busy Books
We LOVE busy books!! We make some of them ourselves at home but this one was purchased through Amazon (Click on the image to grab one). It contains buttoning, sequencing, counting, color sorting and other activities that will keep your child engaged, working quietly and independently and entertained. πŸ‘

Take 2-3 of their favorite books. This will remind them of home, comfort them and help the time pass by when they are looking at familiar pictures and hearing familiar words. 

Make sure to pack snacks. Not too many but just enough for the duration of the flight and perhaps a bit more in case you stay at the airports longer than expected. These may include cereal, raisins, fruit pouches, Gerber Puffs, crunchy snacks, cookies, etc. Pack them in Ziploc bags for easy access and small storage.

Blanket and/or Pillow
This one is not so much of an entertainment idea but it can be. A small blanket and neck support pillow can be used as a toy or just for comfort throughout the flight (in case they fall asleep! πŸ˜„) You can also take 2 small toys they play with often at the house or a pacifier to help soothe them.

*PLEASE NOTE: You are packing these items for YOUR family. Be sure to take what is convenient for you and your family. This is simply a guide as to what I pack when we fly but make sure it suits you and your family, first.

Questions about the items on this list? Please feel free to comment below or email me at iteachfromtheheartblog@gmail.com.

πŸ“£Coming soon: FLIGHT ESSENTIALS CHECKLIST post! Stay tuned for that as I will go into detail about some light-packing essentials for flying with kiddos. πŸ‘

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