Project Based Learning: Spring Garden

Wednesday, April 24, 2019
SPRING has sprung! 💐 I had SO much fun in the class with my kiddos this time of the year because we did lots of colorful, fun and exciting lessons AND it was so easy to set-up because I saved a lot of time and effort with this NO-PREP unit. I am so excited to share this Project Based Learning - Spring Garden resource with you and it's being brought to you right on time for the Spring season!

This set has already been added to the Project Based Learning GROWING BUNDLE and will be on sale on my TPT shop until all of the monthly units are added. Click on the link above to snag your bundle set today!

Ok, let's jump right into this! Springtime is a super fun time in any classroom (and for us, grownups, too 😜) We can make this an exciting time by planting flowers/seeds, growing a garden in our class or outside the school, reading thematic books, decorating the classroom and much more.
You can make springtime time fun and exciting without the hassle of prepping any activities. These engaging PRINT & GO activities contain ELA and Math skills that are aligned with CCSS. This thematic unit contains a plethora of exciting lessons and activities that can be split into weeks, months, or a 9-week period!

Each section of this unit contains COLOR & B/W options allowing easier printing at schools.
What's included?
* ELA & Math Standards
* Design the Flower Shop
* Flower Shop Menu Handwriting Activity
* Sensory Bin
* Spring Writing Activity
* Gardening Schedule Math Activity
* LEGO Planter STEM Challenge
* Task Cards: ELA
* Task Cards: Math
* Book Suggestions
Many of these activities are PERFECT for ELL, ESOL and/or ESE learners. This packet also includes differentiated levels of content in both subject areas so they can be used to differentiate instruction in small groups and/or homework. ANSWER KEYS are included!

I hope this unit creates a load of fun in your classroom and that you AND your students thoroughly enjoy it! If you've already purchased this product, please drop a comment below on how you used it in your classroom and all the fun things your students did with it! 💖
Questions about this unit? Please feel free to comment below or email me at
Stay tuned for more PBL units coming soon! 👏

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