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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
I don't know about you but decorating my classroom in the beginning of each year was the most exciting part of my job! 😍I loved that feeling of walking into a new or previously used classroom with boxes upon desks, moved furniture, and bare walls. It gave me a sense of excitement that was inexplicable yet somehow, I knew exactly what had to be done. 
When decorating your classroom, it's important to consider a few key components. You'll want to think of your layout, classroom flow and traffic, practicality and functionality, classroom areas, and your students. You might want to make it student-centered depending on your teaching philosophy but this is something I have always had great success with because it gives the students a sense of pride, ownership and responsibility. They are more likely to take care of their environment if they feel like it's their own. 👍

The back to school season is an exciting time in any classroom but it can be overwhelming to new teachers and even veteran teachers who dread all the prep work getting a classroom ready can bring. In this post, you'll find the tools, directions, and printables you need to decorate your class SUPER fast and with little to no prep! 😉

Key components of a thorough and well-designed classroom decor set include the following:
* Welcome Poster
* Alphabet Posters
* Word Wall Labels
* Number Line Labels
* Number Posters
* Table Signs
* Name Plates
* Classroom Jobs
* Behavior Chart
* Schedule Cards
* Classroom Rules
* Center Signs
* Supply Bin Labels
* Birthday Month Signs
* Dismissal Chart
* Classroom Calendar
* Clock Labels and more
Want to make your LUAU classroom a complete hit? 🎉 Here are some ideas for bulletin board headings:

  • Aloha, welcome!
  • Welcome to the Tiki Room
  • Aloha, nice work!
  • Coconuts about our work!
  • Tropical projects
  • Say aloha to books/reading/writing/math (any center)
  • Surfing into ___ grade!
  • Surfing cool work!
  • Waves of progress! (data tracking board)
  • Island vibes

Like what you see? Don't miss our Luau Classroom Decor set which includes all the above mentioned components and a calendar that can be sized to poster size with step-by-step directions on how to do so. It also contains month headers, days of the week, lots of holiday choices, and other pieces you can place on your calendar for school/class events.

I hope this post on Luau Classroom Theme Ideas helps you stay organized in your new classroom and creates a load of fun for you AND your students! If you've already purchased this product, please drop a comment below on how you used it in your classroom! 💖
Questions about this unit? Please feel free to comment below or email me at
If you like this set, be sure to check out the Tropical Classroom Decor unit, too! Stay tuned for more classroom decor ideas coming soon! 👏

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